December 7

Why I write what I write


Mrs. Gadke was the first one to reveal the truth by documenting it in black ink on my first-grade report card.

I talk too much.

In class, out of class, on the playground, in the hall, wherever I am, I am usually talking.

I overshare and tell too much…..way, way too much, while writing about faith, family and life, sometimes in a disturbingly honest and often unfiltered way.

Passionately purposeful on good days, while questioning my very existence on bad ones. I have a ridiculous love for people.

This manifests itself in an almost compulsive desire to speak into the lives of strangers I randomly meet. Often I can be caught sharing stories of my relentless failures and God’s epic comebacks in my life.

I believe life is meant to be an exciting journey of discovering ourselves as well as others.

In 2012 I published my children’s story, Pig’s Big Adventure with West Bow Press.

It is a true tale about a baby pig who escaped from a portable petting zoo and ended up learning a lot about life, love and loyalty and especially that dreams can come true…not just for pigs, but me and you!

It’s a super fun story for people of all ages, beautifully illustrated by Sarah Tolleson, and is available through your favorite online book seller. (click the top of the page)

My three daughters are almost all grown up now and I am most happy when I am at the duck park with my granddaughter Saydee Grace or listening to music at levels far too loud or appropriate for my age.

Happy Fun Girl began in 2011, and though it is not hardly ever appropriate for children, it is where I am best able to share my ever changing view of life.

In these pages, I contemplate things like faith and family and everyday living with a God I never seem to understand.

I write for real people, who like to laugh, don’t take themselves too seriously and sometimes struggle with really hard things.

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