February 9

Hand up. Hands high.

Saydee Grace was standing near the largest, longest green slide ever at Kinderpark. It’s the best playground in Boerne off of Highland and Water St.

She yelled out to the lanky girl with the big eyes and long hair.

“What’s your name?”

“Elizabeth,” she replied somewhat hesitantly.

Maybe because Saydee has learned boldness beyond belief from her Grammie, but she can be a little over the top at times. My daughter blames me.

Elizabeth’s mother reminded her sweetly shy daughter of proper playground etiquette. “Now you ask her what her name is. That’s how this works.”

“I’m Saydee Grace. You want to play with us?” Us being her and her best friend Mariah. They ran off to the climb the ladder to the slide while her beautiful mother came to sit by me on the stone wall.

She told me they recently moved here from Corpus. I shared that I brought the girls to the park for a quick play before my showings.

“Oh. Are you in real estate? My husband is in real estate.”

“Really? I just had an agent from Corpus show one of my listings.” That was the cue for her husband to join our conversation.

“Wait. Are you Tina?”


“I’m Ryan Jones.”

“We just got off the phone.”

I couldn’t believe the coincidence! We talked a bit longer before I had to leave and knew that some sort of divine connection had been made, secretly hoping it was also the beginning of an executed contract for my motivated seller at 27630 Dana Creek Drive.

Yes, that is a marketing plug for this beautiful four sides brick one story, one owner home in a gated neighborhood that features four bedrooms, two baths, plus a study with French Doors, granite kitchen w/espresso cabinets, tons of light and bright windows that borders a private greenbelt space, one that is truly green.

The only noise I heard while recently sitting in the gorgeous backyard during an open house was the tight, continuous chirping of a couple of cardinals that couldn’t agree on which branch they were going to sit on.

I get that.

Sometimes God’s timing is perfectly in line with ours.

At other times, it is not. I always prefer the former, to the latter.

I thought about the girls, patiently waiting their turn, then climbing the ladder to the slide, trying to get to the top, thinking that the top was the best, but it’s not.

The ride is.

We have days at the top that are celebratory, and days much less than that, where we find ourselves wiped out at the bottom of the astroturf with a skinned elbow.

But the in-between is a beautiful ride. It’s the surprise of the unexpected. Maybe today, we think hopefully, and sincerely believe it.

The ride is where we shout, “Hands up!” and fly like the wind, sometimes so fast it scares us a little, in a good way.

This day, today, are we rising to raise our hands high in the air? Or are we still clinging white-knuckled to the sides, fearful of every moving inch?

Do we know that God is for us and not against us? Do we know deep down that he gives us the desire of our hearts?

And do we know that he is with us on the climb, the ride, and the wreckage?

I believe in being bold in our pursuits, those things that consistently tug at our hearts and gnaw at us, begging us to pay attention. It’s likely a ladder waiting for you to be brave and climb on.

There are other times when bold is not so beautiful. I’ve had many of those moments blow up in my face. I was reminded of it later that day at Kelani Yogurt, one of our favorite places to go and the reward for somewhat good behavior during the showings.

Saydee surprised me while I was talking to a family in the lime green chairs when she climbed up on the couch next to me, nestled in my chest and loudly proclaimed, “I just love your big boobies, Grammie!”

Like I said, sometimes bold isn’t beautiful. It’s just awkward.