February 2

Hiding in the Shadow of His Wing

I listened to Minute With Maxwell this morning. John’s word for the day is authenticity. 

He mentioned the old school way of management, leading with power and authority, and compared that to the ongoing change in leadership styles we see rising up in culture today.

Today, we don’t expect perfect people, but we do want to work for, follow and listen to people who are authentic. People we can trust. Leaders who are vulnerable enough to share their foibles, but strong enough to live life real, and admit when they are wrong or were maybe misguided.

I’m in a Wednesday morning Bible study with Priscilla Shirer called, Discerning the Voice of God. I sit in one of many circles at 1910 with several women at my table and have to tell you, it doesn’t take a whisper from the holy spirit to discern that the cinnamon rolls this week were awesome!

On my own, I listen quietly for God to speak into my life about this thing or that thing, praying for others, believing for answers. I listen for a voice that is authentic and true, not the many that jump around in my head, threatening to sabotage my day or the weeks ahead.

When I ask and pray and hear the word, exercise, I feel like the mayor who listened to an oversized squirrel a little too closely.

Watch the Groundhog Video Here.

Watch all the way through, including the commercial until you get to the Fun Facts about Groundhog’s Day. Then keep watching.

Yep. That pretty much sums it up.

I felt like Bill Murray waking up this morning. What is it gonna take to get a day right? In the 1993 movie, his character, Phil Connors wonders, “Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.”

That makes me rethink how I want to spend this Do-Over Day.

If I’m being authentic, I don’t believe I’d want to spend that last day exercising. I’d want to spend it with my girls, snuggled up on the couch with a pan of my homemade cinnamon rolls within arms reach; cream with coffee for Tara and I; Dr. Pepper for Chels; and Natalie will have water because she’s healthier than the rest of us.

Or like Phil Connors, I’d take that day on the beach in Puerto Morelos, over and over and over again. The day Natalie and I painted pottery under a covered cabana while the ocean waves soothed our senses and rolled in just in front of us. We napped on a swing bed and listened that night to a band who perfected every Abba song I ever loved.

Knowing Me, Knowing You…

When I try to know more, move in, get closer to God and really listen, it seems I get further from the things right in front of me. Those things that press in and push, squeeze and suffocate.

He’s my comfort in the waves, a better way to stay grounded to what’s really important. Sometimes when I listen, I hear God in the pig latin language of the 6th grade me. A language only my very best friends can understand.

I jung u sung tung lung o vung e yung o u.

I just love you.

We have to know the language and understand the words to really be able to listen and hear from the source that is both authentic and powerful. You hear it. I know you do. Some days, hiding in the shadow of the wings is the only way to go. It strengthens us for the worries of tomorrow that never really come.

I can’t predict the weeks ahead or the length of a long winter like Punxsutawney Phil, but to live like Peter, so close to Jesus that even his passing shadow healed.

That’s a day worth doing over and over.

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