January 29

From Shriveled Roots to Nearly in Bloom

Get rid of fake plants.

That’s one of the new staging tips for home sellers. Today’s buyers are looking for clean lines, less clutter, and succulents.

I have a new listing at 17907 Oxford Mount, Helotes.

Every time I go over there, three things happen. My mind wanders and imagines how incredibly awesome it would be to have a kitchen island this fabulous; or, I want to sit in the super cozy, sunny front office with French doors for the rest of the afternoon with a really great book; and, thirdly, I have to remind myself that stealing is wrong and no, I cannot take the gorgeously plump succulent planter off the dining room table to put on my own. You should make an appointment just to see that arrangement.

My other latest obsession is orchids. This past year, I’ve had two different people give me these rumored to be difficult plants. One is in a beautiful white, quilted patterned pot with delicate white petals that fell off months ago, but the long leggy green shoots are sprouting up and out in all directions.

They soak up love and the sun in an east facing window.

The other plant has bright fuschia flowers and lives in a rustic white bucket. I’ve been really concerned with its soil condition and tried to curb my tendency to over-water. The green leggy sprouts are shriveled and have lost their luster.

I’ve searched the internet frantically, pretty much the same way I try to diagnose the mysterious lump under my armpits or Mr. Riley’s enlarged lymph node even though I warn my daughters not to do the same thing. Web MD will convince you that you are diseased and dying.

“Do as I say, not as I do.” – My Mother.

Do I repot? Get new soil? Can this plant be saved?

My friend Edith, who lives in another Ashton Wood’s Home, has a city of orchids that live and thrive on the ledge of her luxurious garden tub. I call her when I need expert advice on these delicate beauties.

Lying in bed the other day, waking up with the sunshine streaming through the same wast window, in the best kind of morning way, I noticed something about my dying orchid.



Not only is it alive, but it has started reblooming. There are so many little buds just waiting to open up and the ridiculous amount of clapping I did after discovering it, scared my tree squirrel away.

I am so awesomely blessed. Everywhere I go, I see God. Growing, changing, bringing something back to life. It’s a cliche’ teaching but taught because it’s true. These roots looked dead as dead could be. Shriveled up from oversoaking or sadness, it appeared my plant would not make it.

When I look at this plant now, I see every disappointment or seemingly unanswered prayer. I look at situations that don’t seem savable. One too many mistakes here, one too many bad decisions there.

Too far gone for a comeback.

We do that sometimes. We write people off while the roots are still being reworked. I sow more advice and sensible instruction maybe than the love and grace that is needed the most.

I quit worrying about my plant, dusted its thick flat, leaves and left it in the window to live or die. I believe it’s going to bloom. But, I’m no botanist.

Get rid of fake plants.

Buy a plant, grow hope in your home.