October 27

The Best Part of Waking Up

You know it’s going to be a great day when you wake up to make coffee in the dark and overfill the French press so it spills all over the counter, just after the house was cleaned nicer than it has been all year.

I understand this is not a critical issue.

Since the Keurig refill filter thing broke, my new routine is to turn on the tea kettle and go back to bed until the whistle blows. Occasionally, I don’t fall back asleep and remember to remove it from the stove, just before.

Tea connoisseurs know the kettle goes silent just before making the high pitched screech that has the power to wake the dead on a cool October morning.

Here’s the super cool part.

When I groggily shuffled in to make a cup of coffee a little bit later, I noticed the spill fell onto the counter in the perfect shape of a star. I’m hoping by the end of this post, my Gmail will be working again so I can post the picture. It’s so stinking cool. Not exactly an apparition of the mother Mary, but still.

One of the things I’ve always struggled with is walking the fine line between being enthusiastic or becoming the person who sounds like a screeching tea kettle.

Several months ago I helped someone sell their Boerne home and she recently told me her friend was hoping to find one near hers, preferably on the greenbelt. It’s one of my favorite gated neighborhoods on I10, a hidden gem that has a country feel on the back lots but a convenient commute to the city.

So I began knocking.

Because I believe adamantly in the story in Luke about the man with the hungry neighbor at midnight. Knock until the door is opened. I’ve had many discussions with people about this.

As a persistent person, I often wonder how to know when we should keep knocking or when it’s time to walk away. I still don’t know the answer to that because it was the relentless door knocking and hustling of Thin Mints that got me to Camp Lakota all those years ago.

I knocked. And the doors were opened.

So I apply the same principle to my long-time career in real estate and it’s opened many doors.

Now my friend’s friend has her new forever home and I have a new listing at 27630 Dana Creek Drive.  It’s almost as beautiful as the woman who owns it and the love story she has to share.

It’s awesome when life starts to feel like it’s falling into place again. The stars are lined up just so, and you wake up to a countertop reminder that makes you smile so big, you leave it there for a few days more.


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