August 7

Life’s Little Surprises

They told me at the drive-thru pharmacy I could save money if I came in and signed up for some kind of customer card.

So I pulled around and parked in the empty space next to the Porsche in the Walgreen’s parking lot. “I hope he doesn’t scratch my car,” I said to no one in particular.

A hip man in a teal shirt and khaki shorts had just come out of the front doors and right about the spot where the red kettle people stand at Christmas time, he and I crossed paths.

“Hi!” I said cheerfully because I’m mostly cheery these days and he said, “Hi!” back.

I knew immediately that he was the owner of the super sporty luxury car parked next to mine, the 2003 blue Lincoln Aviator, with a giant piece of an oak tree in the back. I had to move it to the hatch back part of the car to show property the day before.

“Can we just ride with you?” my spunky Turkish friend asked.

“Umm..” I said stalling.

“Yes. You can. But I’ve got to get the log out of the back seat.”

“You have a log in the back seat?”


And 7 overdue children’s books…in Spanish, three large pieces of trash I’ve retrieved from some random parking lot because I despise littering and the book Bill W: A Different Kind of Hero – The Story about Alcoholics Anonymous. I devoured the short read in just a few sittings and was saving it to pass on to a friend who’s name I will not mention.

There are also four auto bingo cards because when I have kids in the car, I insist they put away electronics and look for railroad crossings and No U-Turn signs. On the floor board was a scattered mess of trail mix leftovers from the land tour last week and one of the Ziploc snack packs came open, throwing peanuts and raisins about the car. I retrieved the M & M’s, because, well, it’s chocolate. No one wants a melty mess in their car.

Saturday, at the last minute my plans changed and I reached back out to a prospective customer to show the land I love at Settler’s Ridge in Mason. We made plans to meet up in a few hours and after a beautifully peaceful drive, I pulled off RR 1723 and onto the crushed granite country road at Settler’s Ridge.

Sitting in front of the new home being built, was the Porsche. Standing in front of the Porsche, was the same man I met the day before. I recognized his white beard from a 1/8th of a mile away. Whaaat? How weird is that?

“Hey! I saw you at Walgreens yesterday!”

Later that afternoon, I was driving back, wondering what to do next.

Go see Chelsea.

So I took the back roads to Kerrville and semi-surprised my daughter and grand daughter where I spent the next 27 hours in family bliss reading stories, playing pool, eating good food and making homemade cotton candy.

I also previewed the new home at the top of Sumac. Someone who wants a new home and loves gorgeous vista views should call me about that. My real estate assistant is four and an expert light turner-on-er and off-er.

She does not come with the house.

“I’m so glad you’re here, Grammie,” Saydee said out of nowhere.

We need to make plans, but we need to be flexible. We need to create more space and margin in our lives, allowing time to embrace amazing moments we don’t expect.

The WOW factor is crucial to our contentment. What sweet surprises await us when we take the time to allow for last minute change of plans.







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