July 31

App-solutely! Get this one.

Somebody told me turning 50 was like getting to the middle of the roll of toilet paper.

“It just goes faster.”

Right when I finally figured out the joy of slow going, everything else seems to go faster. Get-togethers with family often include the phrase, “Remember when…”

Sometimes I do. Other times I don’t. I could kick myself for not keeping a daily journal. What I do have are bins full of random writings and started songs. An idea here and an inspirational moment there. Prayers to God and letters I will never send.

It’s an unorganized record of where we were, how we felt and how much we have changed. A written reminder of the ways we haven’t, the prayers that were answered and the ones that weren’t.

At least not how we had hoped.

But on this side of the roll, we are stronger and more steadfast. A lot of crap is behind us now and we don’t want to take the days that remain for granted. I’d rather give thanks, learn my lessons and move on with love.

In my recent craving for organization, I downloaded an app to help me download my days.

I fancy myself the kind of writer who has the discipline and artsy-ness to sit down with a feathered pen, a bottle of ink and beautiful handwriting. I imagine the words would float effortlessly across the page as I document my new days and old dreams in pages my 3 daughters will glean wisdom from. I am a huge fan of pen and paper and organic writing.

But that’s not happening.

So I decided to try the Five Minute Journal app and have successfully tracked the highlights and hopes of every day last week. You have to get this app! With so much screen-staring we do, this one is well worth it. A simple way to help us more easily reflect on the things in our day we are most grateful for. It changes our energy and our outlook.

All in five minutes.

If you’ve been struggling with God-time in the morning, this will help. It quiets our mind and helps get the day started right, by giving thanks. When you get up, you add the morning entry. Instead of a list of things you must accomplish, it asks you to reflect on three things you’re grateful for and then three things you will do to make the day great.

Maybe that’s writing three notes to people who have helped you. Those are letters that should be sent.

Maybe it’s stopping and picking up a bouquet of flowers for your dining room table.

Or take a short walk.

My grateful list one day last week included eating the juiciest, most tasty watermelon, seeing a baby armadillo….actually alive, and a night sky lit up with tons of twinkling stars. When I go back and read the entries, it’s like I’m living it again.

You can even add a daily picture to remind you of something special.

The week I started my digital journal, I had a table full of six over to share a meal. It was a mixed group and everyone didn’t already know each other so we were using the Table Topics I won during last year’s Christmas party. After squirming in our responses to “What was the biggest lie you ever told as a child?”‘ the next question we had to answer, “What was your grandmother’s signature dish?”

Around the table, we heard things like pot roast and potatoes and carrots, 7 layer salad, enchiladas, and ribs. When we got to Saydee, she didn’t understand what a signature dish was and Chelsea asked her the question in the language a four-year-old could understand.

“Saydee, what does Grammie make you?”

She was sitting on a bar stool on my left and leaned down close to press her head against mine and in the sweetest, tiniest, most sincere voice ever, said, “Ummm. Happy.”

That response has been the most cherished moment of my entire birthday month. It’s life like that, that must be written down and remembered. Forever.

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    Awesome!!!! I’m going to try and use the app. And download it!!!

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