May 19

Couch Coaching

The worst thing about sick days is being legitimately sick.

It sucks all the fun out of lying around, sleeping all day and binge watching movies that are too often interrupted by a ridiculous amount of commercials and painful deep chest coughing.

When I can open my mouth to speak, it’s only to ask my daughter to please bring me another popsicle.

“Another one? You just had two.”

“Yes. Please.” Sick people should always get as many popsicles as they want plus I’ve had plenty of extra ailments this week.

The day before Mother’s Day I woke up with a scorpion crawling on my arm. I suppose the sudden stinging is what woke me up in the middle of the night. I flicked it off like the brave Girl Scout Leader I once was, picked it up with a wad of toilet paper then flushed it down the toilet and went back to bed. Of course, I could not sleep because I could only keep wondering how many others were waiting in the air vent above my bed.

When I was out walking the dogs the next day, I somehow managed to get into poison ivy. That’s when the blisters and itching began.

And then the fever and chills came. When I could no longer stand it, I went to the clinic on Main Street to find out that on top of all that, I had a viral infection. My leg is barely healed from the Easter egg hunting debacle.

Less than lovingly, I was told karma is a %$#*$ and it looks like I’m getting what I deserve. Nice.

These comments are often hard to swallow whether your throat is swollen shut or not.

So instead of falling to pieces, I thought I better keep it healthy and read more chapters of Brant Hansen’s book, Unoffendable. It’s not that I’m offended at the snarky comments, it’s that it hurts my feelings and I’m not sure, maybe that’s the same thing.

God knows I’ve said things I wish I could take back also.

Four chapters in, the headache is back and I realize it’s too hard to read with a massive piercing behind my eyeballs. I downed all the medication I could and then began downloading movies off of Amazon Prime Video. I’m seriously considering cutting the cable because I only watch about 3 or 4 channels on a regular basis and the rest of the time I waste flipping through a gazillion things I don’t want to see.

Here are my sick day movie picks in case you find yourself on the couch too.

To Catch a Thief, one of many Cary Grant movies that I love. TCM is my latest addiction and I can’t get enough of these old movies that remind me of a sweeter, more charming and dignified way of life.

To Sir, With Love, one of my favorites of all time. I only have to hear Lulu sing those first four notes to become a weepy wreck. I have so much respect for teachers and the role they play in raising children to be their very best. I also always wanted Sydney Poitier to come to my house for dinner. He reminded me, that sometimes, I enter a room like a brat.

Mary and Martha with Hilary Swank. A moving story about malaria and the staggering numbers of children that die from it. I wanted to call everyone I know and start raising funds for mosquito nets. Who’s in?

Noble. Another true story about an Irish woman who lived through terrible things in her childhood, but stayed constantly connected to God in spite of the religious harshness around her. As an adult, she was led to go to Vietnam to help the street children. I can’t say enough good things about this movie.

Yes, Man. Because we all need a few laughs, Jim Carey, that adorable Zooey on a day we feel like crap.

A Knights’ Tale. I just love a good underdog story and am absolutely fascinated with jousting as a sport.

I began to notice with an interesting curiosity which movies I selected and the takeaway I got from each. What are the things we are saying Yes to? Are they things that will make a difference or impact other people in a positive way? Are they action choices that call us into areas of purpose, and places where we can learn to be more brave?

Over and over again I read about or see how one person is able to rise up from horrible events and become world changers.

I remember coming back from Mexico after seeing those beautiful brown-eyed children who live literally, at the dump. I got off the plane, drove home and walked back into my world, where my cabinets were stocked full and I lacked nothing.

It’s hard to get back to normal living, without the knowing. The conversations around me seemed petty, shallow and self-absorbed. Every day children here and abroad are starving, suffering, being sexually abused and dying. Oh my God, what can we do?

What can I do?

I pray I can be a better kind of yes man. Yes to serving others. Yes to becoming un-offendable. Yes to loving people the way Jesus did.

Just as soon as I can get off the couch.




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  1. By Kim Corbitt on

    Im so sorry your sick! And you can still write a great story!!!

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