May 1

Clearing a Path for Progress

This is going to be a good day.

Today,  I will focus on all the things that are good, things that are noble and worthy of re-telling. 

This day I will be thankful for every simple, uncomplicated thing that brings me joy. 

Like the new hummingbird at my feeder.

The red cardinal that sings loudly from the top of a branch in the backyard.

The Grammy bird that calls out to me every morning, making me miss my grand-daughter even more than I ever thought possible.

“Grammy. Grammy. Grammy,” it tweets and repeats, never minding the 140 character limit.

My thoughts are all over the place today, the same way I tidied pockets of the house yesterday, sporadically and determined, like the Roomba.

She is my new BFF though I’ve yet to give her a name. Floor Savior seems too formal and Flo, too casual to compliment the affection I have for this robot that has brought me great joy and happiness.

And time.

Time that should be spent writing, but of course who can write with a cluttered desk and books to donate and drawers to go through and trees to trim and dogs to walk. Actually, I’m discovering that it is the walking of the dogs that pulls my thoughts together better than anything else right now.

When there is so much you want and need to do, it’s hard to stay focused. Especially with all of the distractions, like the stench that lingers every time I open the refrigerator door to snag a few more pieces of watermelon.

I used to be a focused person, singularly accomplishing tasks without any issues at all. But that was before I rediscovered all the unfinished creative ideas that were lying dormant inside me.

Now I simply wander around like my circular cleaning machine, this way, that way, around the edges, no, wait, moving quickly to under the table. I spin around and around a few times and then come right back to the spot where I was just at.

May day, May day.

Creation and science collide as I think about how God cleans up after me the same way my Roomba robot does. Just as soon as I think we are done with an area, I get a few more spins and a driving pass over humility, or choosing peace over pride. He backs me gently into a wall or gets me stuck in the corner until the mess is gone.

But I don’t want to keep circling around the same old issues, dust bunnies and dog fur.

In the past, I’ve been the kind of person who opens the box and throws the instructions away. I never wanted to bother with reading the detailed list of parts or maintenance details. But then, when my stuff broke, I wouldn’t know how to fix it.

Now I take the time to read the manual book of instructions. It seems like God is helping me be a better dirt detector.  Of course, there are still areas that can’t be reached quite yet, like beside the chair, where the antique lamp sits.

I also check the Troubleshooting section first. And I’ve learned that recharging the battery means resting on my home station, where there are two loving dogs, and plenty of birds to keep me company.


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  1. By Kim. Corbitt on

    This sounds just like me!!! Always. Focus, focus, focus…….

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